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Buzz Lightyear

Buzz Lightyear

The cutest Buzz ever! A little late, :)



Hey hey.   Last day of work for me this week.  Hubs and I are taking off for Vegas tomorrow just as soon as we drop Granddaughter off at school!!!   Can’t wait.   We do take advantage of our “off days” and plan short trips as much as we can.     Speaking of trips.  October is going to be a first.   We are traveling to New Orleans via Amtrak!!!   Yepper, sleeper room and all.   2 days on the train, a week in New Orleans, then back on the train; this time headed to Chicago for one night there, then back on the train to come home.   I have always wanted to travel by train.  Now the hard part is waiting for October!!!


On the knitting front, still working on the dress for GD.  I’ll get some knitting time on the drive to and from Vegas.  That’s all there is to report.


Well, here’s an early HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all the wonderful mothers out there.  Remember it is your day to do whatever you want; so please do whatever you want!!  





Wednesday, Wednesday

I love giveaways.  Why?  Can’t really put my finger on it.  Could be the excitement of “oh, maybe I’ll win”, yeah could be that J.   Besides enjoying the blogs I read, when there is a giveaway I immediately begin thinking, hmmmm I’ll make a skirt, mugrug, pillow, napkins or who knows what with that.  Do I have the time?  Gets a little challenging raising a 3 year old again.  Do I have a machine?  Uh, nope.  Hoping to rectify THAT situation in the next 2 months.  Happily, I’ve stopped entering those with giveaways I’ll never use LOLOL.  Must be the crafty-hoarder in me.

This week has been a week of going through boxes, weeding out what is not necessary, piles and piles for thrift stores, the melancholy of finding cards your kids made when they were little.  Mine are now 26 and soon-to-be 22.  I figure I have a case of the Spring Cleaning Bug (sheesh, sounds like a Berenstain Bears book!!)  We’ve also got to trade desks from hubby’s office/craft room and my office/laundry room—bought him a new computer which really does not work on a roll-top desk. 

Creativity—still working on GD’s dress.  It’s difficult to knit while watching hockey playoffs.  GO KINGS GO!!!  Los Angeles girl, what can I say. 

 Wish me luck, it’s Back to the Gym day!! LOLOL   It’s been too long since I’ve been….was sick for 7 days and then still not able to eat enough to support a workout.   So looking forward to the treadmill and weight machines!! 

See the post below for Fetching photo!!

Have an absolutey terrific Wednesday!!!


Sammi’s Fetchings

Sammi's Fetchings

Back for another Go!!

It’s been quite a while.  Interesting.  I do enjoy blogging, whether I have a huge readership or not.  My journal.  Seems I’ve let those “perfect” bloggers stymie MY mojo.  Not no more.  Commented on a blog yesterday who posted her “real” photos with dishes in the sink, etc.  It did my heart good.     My life is far from “perfect”  it is messy, it is chaotic, so many unexpected/unplanned events but it’s my life and I love it.   

Ok, so finished projects that have pictures!!  Finished a pair of Fetching for my daughter.  Here they are: Well maybe not.  I cannot figure out how to add a photo.   Looks like WordPress changed things up again.  Oh well.  Anywho, working on a cute dress for my granddaughter it is the Two Way Dress from Pickles in Norway.  This dress is so cute and so much fun to knit.  It does knit up a bit slow because of the nature of the stitch, but I’m in no real hurry. 

No news on the sewing front :(  Still do not have a machine.  Priorities, I tell myself, priorities!!   Let’s keep our fingers crossed that it will happen by summer.  Even decided not to spend the money on the Sapphire. 

PSA:  Have you all had your “womanly” appointments????  You.must.go.    They are unpleasant.  You.must.go. 

Well, here is to you all having a gorgeous weekend!!

Yippee!!! I Won!

Here…The Little Things.  This is wonderful.  I can’t wait to get my Pocket Clutch.  Thank you so much Beth.  I was shocked when I opened my email Saturday night.   Crafty bloggers are so generous.

I finished the 3 burp cloths for my boss’ new arrival, just in time too….A healthy boy was born October 21!!

The weekend was spent decorating the yard for halloween (yes, overkill) having friends over for an anniversary dinner (theirs).  We had a blast and for once G did not lift a finger.  Everytime those two come over to our home,  she dotes on ME.  Well, tides turn and I doted on her for a change.  When she realized she had no choice, she really enjoyed.  Hey, come on , it’s their anniversary.  In celebration we broke out a couple of bottles of really good wine.   R and G, we adore you!!!  Check these out!!

 Shape Moth

Madame Samm’s

Have a wonderful Monday and an even better week!!

Happy Wednesday

Good morning!  Sorta.  Was woken at 4:30am by the sound of clinking bottles.  Someone was going through my recycling bin and making way too much noise for that hour of the morning.  What did I do?  Opened the bathroom window, which faces the front yard, and yelled at this guy to stop and that people are trying to sleep.  Hopefully it gave him a scare and he’ll not do this again.  Should he do this next week, he will have quite a surprise:  A half-asleep, crazy woman in a lavendar bathrobe with her 165lb dog.   No the dog won’t hurt him, she’s a sweetie and besides, we have a fence around the yard….but her size and speed!!!  Oh yes.  That’ll teach him, he may have to change his drawers!  LOLOL   Really, I’m not a mean person but I do like my sleep!

If you read any sewing blogs, there are so many lovely giveaways right now.  I’ve listed a few on my sidebar.  Check them out!  And the wonderful Maddie at Domestic Anarchy generously made it possible for all who entered her Superior Threads giveaway to win!!!  Amazing.

Here are just a few of the giveaways:

Lily’s Quilts

Sew We Quilt

Greenleaf Goods

Have a wonderfully peaceful day.





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